Thursday, 22 June 2017

Day 20: Beauty Creek to Rampart Creek

Departure time from the hostel was scheduled for about 0830, and we were ready to go at 0845. Not bad going if you knew how complex packing a bicycle can be.

The Saskatchewan crew
Today we would go back past the Columbia Icefields, which meant a short and punchy climb was coming our way very soon. With little time to warm up, the climb was upon us. It was 11% gradient on the way down, so that could only mean 11% gradient on the way up!
It took a little while for my legs to find a rhythm, but once found they just ticked over.

We stopped at Tangle Falls and then again at the rather unsightly viewpoint at the top of the climb. The very nice attendant let us (almost all the way) in for a group photo.

Next stop was the Icefields itself, some had poutine and coffee, others just hot chocolate!

At the Icefields
The Asian tourists seemed to take a liking to me, a few of them coming over and talking to me, others arranging group photos with me as the centre piece.

Brian and I
From the Discovery Centre at the Icefields, it was another little climb to Parker Ridge before a lovely descent had us whooping in delight as we sped down it!
Around the Big Bend, past the Wailing Wall and into Rampart Creek. I was camping so turned right, the others were in the hostel and turned left.

The Wailing Wall
A little while later, just as I was about to set my tent up, Brian coasted in on his bike and said the hostel manager would let us camp up there for the night. There being the hostel.
I quickly repacked my gear and was soon setup over the road, enjoying the sunlight and mosquito-free environment with a mug of red wine.

This hostel has a wood-fired sauna, which I sat in for ages, occasionally breaking the heat with a quick dip in the icy cold creek running alongside the site.

Dinner was pasta and cheese and soup, from the Saskie crew, and dessert was a delicious, and also donated, carrot cake.

I slept soundly, my body nice and relaxed from the heat and also the relatively short day on the bike.

Distance: 55.8 km
Time: 2:51:22
Height gained/lost: 705m /-846m
Calories: 1909

Saskie Crew at the Icefields

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