Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Day 70: Montreal River to Pancake Bay

Birthday day.

Phone calls to/from the family in the early morning sunshine, and a huge breakfast of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup, made the start of the day a pleasurable experience.
The plan was to ride a short day today, to Pancake Bay, and take it really easy.

After breakfast, Matt and Amy packed up their gear, Stephen went fishing and I went for a quick walk down to the beach. The weather forecast was for thunderstorms, but for the moment the sky was blue and the sun strong. Ideal for cycling.

We were eventually ready to leave by about 1130, but only rolled out after 12, I haven't left camp this late the entire trip, and it wasn't a bad thing.

We were all quite relaxed as we rolled out, but soon the road went all steep on us again, and we strung out up the climbs. According to one video, Matt and Stephen saw a rare Canadian unicorn on one of the climbs, hence them taking so long to crest it. I always seem to miss the cool animals.

We stopped a few times to let Stephen attempt to catch more fish, and we had a few laughs as 'bites' turned into snags and logs.

Pancake Bay arrived in due course, and we all checked into one campsite, sharing the cost, and loading up on free Maple-flavoured baked beans at the same time. The campsite had accidentally ordered too many cans of beans, so they were handing them out to whoever wanted them.

While Amy whipped up a very tasty lentil feast for my birthday dinner, we jammed to some tunes and helped setup our neighbours tent. Matt, Amy and Stephen then gave me a very unexpected birthday present - the cup and ball game. Thanks again!!

The neighbours invited us over after dinner for s'mores and sparklers!
Delicious fun!

Distance: 47 km
Time: 2:40:32
Height gained/lost: 398m /-510m

Calories: 1457

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