Sunday, 13 August 2017

Day 74: Bruce Mines to Serpent River

After many photos and hugs I finally left Minna's at 0930 and enjoyed the perfect weather as I rode along the lake shore. Thirty k's down the road, a car overtook me and pulled onto the gravel shoulder in a cloud of dust. The driver got out and waved at me to stop, then showed me 2 bottles of water.

Chris, the driver, had driven past me in the opposite direction, seen me, and gone on to buy me water. He was a marathon runner and knew how lonely the road could get, so asked me if anything needed tweaking or if I required a shower/beer/burger....amazing!

Further on down the road, I stopped at the Butterfly Camping and Trading Post, just outside Iron Bridge, and met Ken. He had bought the place a few years back and had fixed it up to a good state and the place looked very inviting. I had a long chat with him before carrying on to Iron Bridge itself, just in time for lunch.
As I was finishing up my lunch, a family stopped and shared their freshly picked vegetables with me. Fresh tomatoes, green beans and grapes added another element to the lunch that Minna had prepared for me - salami, salad and turkey sandwiches. And a Babybel cheese.

Will this generosity ever stop? I hope not.

The campsite at Serpent River soon appeared and I rolled in just after 4pm. I was the only tent in camp, initially, and had the pick of the sites.
After a refreshing dip in the pool, I made a tasty dinner and was then invited over to a nearby chalet for a beer and campfire.

Music and meteors added an extra element to the evening, but before long the mosquitoes had me diving for cover in the safety of my tent.

A great day, once again. I sleep with a smile on my face tonight.

Distance: 99.3 km
Time: 4:05:09
Height gained/lost: 456m /-462m

Calories: 3121

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  1. The kindness of the strangers you meet never ceases to amaze me