Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Day 77: Tobermory to Hepworth

A hot and still day met me on Highway 6 today, luckily there was a light breeze to keep things a bit cool.
Highway 6 is not the most interesting ride in the world, and the profile showed it as flat all the way to Highway 9. Flat was in fact gently rolling hills, almost undetectable, but they were there.

At the junction with the 9, I stopped at the Info Centre and got a map of the Bruce Peninsula. The 9 was certainly the better route to take, and went past some beautiful beaches.

I stopped in Lions Head Bay for lunch, had the fish and chips special and a Guinness, and had a quick chat to some other patrons about my trip. I went down to the beach to see the harbour and the cliffs, then continued my journey down the 9 towards Wiarton.

Little coves and rolling fields kept me captivated all afternoon, and before long I rolled into Hepworth, a tiny town made up of a post office, a Tim Horton's and a petrol station.
I bought dinner supplies at the petrol station and headed down the road to the Shallow Lakes campground.

Another swimming pool, new camp sites and friendly staff made this a great place to be after a long day on the road.

Distance: 101 km
Time: 5:05:47
Height gained/lost: 602m /-654m

Calories: 2991


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  2. Different than the Lions Head in CT eh!

  3. Another Lions Head - How cool is that.