Monday, 21 August 2017

Day 80-82: Georgetown (Rest days)

The following takes place between 19 and 21 August 2017.

August 19:

Off to Niagra Falls with Samuel and Tracey this morning. Jonathan was off to soccer with Nathaniel. The traffic was heavy heading down to Niagra, so it took us 2 hours to get there. Once there though, it is certainly worth the drive.
The falls are amazing. The volume of water that is constantly pouring over the edge is staggering, and the noise is something else too. Crashing water gets mixed with the languages of the world, and the whop-whop of helicopters flying overhead. The setting is a little surreal though. Hotels tower over the falls, and casinos fill the gaps between them. In all of Canada, this is probably the most commercial place I have seen on this trip. Canada seems to do pretty well in keeping the unspoilt unspoilt.

After lunch and a walk along the walkway, we headed back home, via the Saffa shop. Guavas, fruit roll, koeksusters and Ouma rusks were purchased as a treat to all. When we got home, soccer was played for a bit before a delicious salmon dinner was served up.

August 20:

Church at 10am in Acton this morning. Jon was preaching as his dad was taken ill overnight. I got a mention and chatted to various members of the congregation after the service. Home for lunch and more soccer, before helping Jon start painting the basement.
An episode of BBC Earth before bed.

August 21:

Went into downtown Toronto on the GO train this morning. Tracey dropped me at the station and would collect me later in the day. It was going to be a hot day, and there was a solar eclipse on the cards as well. Once I arrived at Union station, I took the touristy Hop On/Off bus and saw the main sites around the city.
Coldplay was playing at the Rogers Stadium this evening, and the city was starting to get busy in the surrounding bars and restaurants.
I took in Casa Loma, Chinatown, the waterfront and the ferries, the Financial District, the Shopping District, the Distillery area, which is beautiful, and the CN Tower.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it onto the ferry due to the time I had to get the train back to Georgetown.
As I was leaving in the morning, I spent the evening planning my route, packing my bags and eating guavas...mmm.

Tomorrow night I would be in Scarborough, spending the night with Malcolm, Jonathan’s brother.


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  1. Niagra sounds amazing in spite of the commercialism. Great that Canada has managed to keep most things unspoilt.