Thursday, 24 August 2017

Day 85: Cobourg to Kingston

"I think you need an ice-cream."

Swing bridge on Murray canal
It was a cool start to the day, which was good, as today was going to be a long one. I was riding up the St Lawrence River on Highway 2. It was easy riding up to Prince Edward County, where I stopped for a tasty pizza and coke for lunch. I was cold and not warming up.
The aircon in the restaurant didn't help matters either.

As I exited the restaurant after lunch, I saw a cyclist riding past, going in my direction but on another road. He was riding a Surly too, but was packed quite light. He didn't see me unfortunately.

I took the back roads towards Wellington, and was rewarded with quietness, corn fields, vineyards and wineries.
I stopped at a brewery in Wellington and had a birthday beer for a friend in London (@gsimmens). The brewery was only 6 weeks old and looked amazing.

Another beer tempted me but I still had a bit of a ride to get to the (free) Glenora ferry that would take me across towards Adolphustown and Bath.

I continued on the very flat road towards Bath, stopping here and there to read the historic sign markers. Getting to Bath for 4pm, I started looking for a campsite. There were none. The closest was 18km behind me! Or 25km ahead, in Kingston.

I did my dinner shopping, and as I came out met the same cyclist I had seen at lunchtime. Without saying hello, he asked if I would like an ice-cream. I said no. He said I needed an ice-cream so bought me a massive double scoop. Umm, thanks?

He introduced himself as Rob as we sat on the patio furniture outside the food market and ate ice-cream, discussed our day and where we were planning on staying tonight.
Rob was heading to Kingston so I decided to join him in heading up there.

Mentally I was done for the day, but having someone to ride with always helps, so we set off at about 5.30pm. I led most of the way and we were soon in touching distance of the city, but the light was fading fast. By 8pm it is dark, so we had to get a move on!

No campsites were in town, so we decided to split a motel room (which actually is about the same rate as a campsite!)

I was running out of energy fast, and the last hill out of Kingston drained me completely. I stopped and stuffed a handful of salt and vinegar chips into my mouth, then another handful, followed by a swig of water.
That would have to be enough to get me to the motel.

It was.

The motel appeared not a moment too soon, and we checked in to a ground level room.
Rob was then a little devious and paid for the entire room as I was a "guest in his country".

He would take no payment from me and even offered to buy me dinner!

Rob is cycling from Toronto to Montreal in his week off from Uni.

A tough day on the bike in the end, but the hot shower and comfy bed felt good. I'm very tired!

Kevin and Rob at Motel 8

Distance: 156
Time: 7:06:18
Height gained/lost: 724m /-704m

Calories: 4714

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  1. I am incredibly moved by the kind people you meet. This Rob is a real gentleman! So glad you're meeting such good people in Canada.