Friday, 25 August 2017

Day 86: Kingston to Johnstown

With heavy legs Rob and I stumbled to the dining area at the motel and proceeded to devour everything in sight. Waffles and maple syrup, cereal and fruit, tea and coffee, fruit and muffins, even boiled eggs. We had it all.

Passing Gananoque I stopped at Rebecca's (a friend from London) brother's house to say hi and to checkout the veggie garden I have heard so much about. It is simply amazing.

From there I hit the 1000 Islands Parkway, which has a cycle path separate from the road. My legs where still very heavy and as the day got hotter, I got slower. I couldn't even spin a light gear for very long!

A chip truck around the next bend got my custom, and a cheeseburger, coke and chips later I was back on the path, energised, full of fuel. Suddenly I could ride again.
I stuck some tunes into my ears and was soon spinning along at a good pace.

Tonight I would be staying with a couple I met in a campsite in MacGregor, Manitoba. They mentioned that if I was passing through Johnstown I was welcome to stay. So, here I am, heading to Johnstown.

I arrived later than expected due to my slow start to the day, which was unfortunate as they wanted to show me the swimming hole up the road.
Nevertheless, Karen and Martii invited me in and cooked up a delicious BBQ with salads and rye bread for dinner.
Karen was heading out to a play, so Martii and I had the evening to ourselves.
Canada to USA bridge
Martii fired up the Plymouth parked in his driveway and we cruised the town, seeing the 'waterfront' and the Windmill brewery, then up to the swimming hole. This was an old lock that had been filled in, but was now perfect to swim in as the current from the St Lawrence river didn't impact it.

We got home in time for tea and a chat with Karen.

Distance: 114 km
Time: 5:20:23
Height gained/lost: 687m /-639m

Calories: 3428

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